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Do Not have any other accessories on or running, like fan blower, headlamps, Air Conditioner. Before attempting to re-pair a smart phone to the updated system, first must Delete MAZDA from the list of Bluetooth devices in your phones BT Settings that was formerly paired with old Connect.If not Deleted prior to introducing 'phone' it will not be able to be paired with the updated Connect system because the phone may not overwrite it's existing or old Bluetooth link. USB Flash Drive can be safely removed from the vehicles USB port. Install Update Process Instructions also in PDF file below. After the page has loaded select your Language and click on red 'Submit' button, Select your Vehicle Build Options from drop down list (Handsfree support is also listed in some regions).

The screen produces plenty of glare, which isn’t ideal when the backup camera comes into play.Mazda only recommends Windows PCs, and small size 2.0 Flash Drives of 8 GB.If you want to update your Connect yourself you need no other firmware editions apart from what is listed below.The front of the controller holds buttons for audio and navigation, along with a separate Home button.A Back button sits on the driver's side, and the passenger's side holds a Favorites button and a volume knob.

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