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Of course, in the link above, Jeremy Wagstaff also challenges the company's claims that it really has so many users -- as he believes an awful lot of Plaxo accounts are dormant.While social-network-portability documents what to do to put your site on the open social web and be a good user-centric service in general, it's been noted that not everyone follows such advice and instead opts for a bunch of alternative either one-off (wasteful) or downright user-unfriendly tactics.Quechup has a feature to "find your friends" which, even if it says "no contact present" will spam all your contacts in your address book and thus annoy all your friends and embarrass you.Important: You cannot edit Address Book entries from within the Address Book.This page documents such anti-patterns of social network design and implementation and provides (unfortunately) real world examples of such badly designed sites.Many social networking sites ask you to , or "Find Your Friends", when what the feature really does is Spam your contacts.

Indeed, worldwide there were only ever around 100 employees, barely any of whom were developers – a stark contrast to the engineering cultures at My Space and Facebook.

For years, plenty of people have complained repeatedly about the scourge of "Plaxo spam." These are the constant bombardment of emails from new Plaxo users who have you in their address book, asking you to update your contact info.

Often (at least in my case) these came from people I did not actually know -- and the worst offenders had the system send out such an email on a regular basis.

Unless a buyer is found for the one-time darling of social networks by the end of May, more than 12 million active Bebo profiles will be deleted and one of the largest social networks will cease to exist five years after it was created.

You could say that five years was a good innings for a network whose audience arguably grew up and moved on to Facebook – along with some 400 million other people.

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