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All singles who profess Christ and aspire to marriage — even as a possibility — have this responsibility (even outside this area of life, we should all be trying to grow in Christ). If you're already sure of that basic answer, are you a growing and mature Christian?Are you generally humble and teachable, and do you respect authority?Turkey Table of Contents Male-female relations remain an area of some tension in Turkish society.The conflict between traditional and modern values and between patterns of socialization within the family and at school affect the social relationships that both men and women establish.As a practical matter, are you responsible and holy in the way you possess your own spirit, mind and body?

Third, once you decide that you are ready to date, look to God's Word to decide the kind of person to date, and evaluate potential dating partners on those criteria, rather than relying primarily on the world's treatment of ideas like "attraction" and "chemistry." I wrote at some length on this in my article, "Brother, You're Like a Six." For you busy singles with time for only one mildly irritating column per day, the summary is this: Pick a potential dating partner with an eye toward godly manhood and womanhood — with an eye toward who would make a good husband or wife, defined by those characteristics esteems in His Word, not the ones Hollywood likes.The details emerge in a detailed 122-page academic report commissioned by the RAC Foundation called ‘On the Move - making sense of car and train travel trends in Britain’ and written by a team led by Professor Peter Jones and Dr Scott Le Vine of London’s Imperial College.(must credit).The RAC report notes: ‘Full car driving licence ownership is lower for women than for men, but differences are narrowing fairly quickly over time, and young women have now nearly caught up in their licence ownership rates with those of young men.’ Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation which published today’s dossier said: ‘Over the years women have swapped the passenger seat for the driver’s seat.Equality is defined the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.Equal is further defined as being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value and having the ability or resources to meet (a challenge). They want the same status, rights, and opportunities. But when it comes to dating and relationships, many women do not want to be equals. They just won’t admit it because they don’t view their demands and wants from a man as a product of gender roles.

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Among more traditional families, both men and women generally expect husbands to be dominant, especially with respect to matters involving household interactions with the public; wives are expected to be obedient.

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