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Pointing to a row of folders, Parag explained: "So here we have all our files which are divided in to men and women, and then according to religions."So we've got the Sikh, Hindu, Gujarati, Muslim and English. It goes into caste, education, the height, the family background, which then does provide you with a much stronger foundation for that marriage if it were to take place."Labelling English as a religion, one viewer raged: "So we have all these religions in files, Seek, Hindu, Muslim and English... #theoneshow @BBCThe One Show.""'These are split into religion… #The One Show @BBCOne," as a fourth added: "'English' - the classic of all religions #theoneshow."The matchmaker went on to add that if he sees an overweight client he will tell them to lose weight if they want a date.

Parag continued: "We cannot find a match for everyone.

Popular British TV shows such as the Vicar of Dibley have been criticised for being 'two white' At the heart of the concerns by black and Asian viewers is the fear that incorrect representations of their culture could give white people the 'wrong impression'.

British TV was also criticised for being too 'parochial' and called for more programmes with an international outlook.

As a result, Mr Phillips said the major broadcasters often remain 'hideously white' in their choice of programming.

Viewers singled out a series of shows which either fail to reflect diversity in Britain or are guilty of 'exaggerated and extreme' portrayals of their communities.

” research data gathered from 2.4 million heterosexual interactions on the dating app, “Are You Interested (AYI)”, shows that Black men responded most to different races, despite the fact that Black women were three times more likely to reply back.

Historically degraded and sexualized from slavery to today’s media, women of color often seem like they’re at the bottom of the totem pole of humanity.

And as if we needed more proof, recent online dating statistics released in a video by Buzzfeed reveal that Black women are the least desired race among both White, Black, Latino and Asian men.

Following a segment about the return of First Dates, the topical magazine show visited Southall based Asian marriage introduction service, Suman Marriage Bureau, to speak to main matchmaker Parag Bhargava. #The One Show #One Show #BBC1 #BBC @BBCThe One Show," posted another.

However, when Parag spoke to the camera, he explained that he creates matches based on religions including "Sikh, Hindu, Gujarati, Muslim and English". A third asked: "Did anyone else laugh when the nice man listed 'English' as a religion?

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The research was commissioned by Channel 4 to feed into a new report by Trevor Phillips about diversity in TV, which he has written for the broadcaster.

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