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“I believe in maximising the therapeutic and holistic properties of music and what it can do for you.” Replacing medicine with melodies might sound far-fetched, but as well as having three million-selling UK singles in the last year alone, Pharrell is also a scholar of world musical traditions.“The Tibetans have singing bowls that they tune chakras with,” he points out, referring to the Buddhist belief that upturned bells of different pitches can effect the body’s seven energy points.Willy Aries Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA Pharrell attended Princess Anne High School in Virginia.Singer, songwriter, rapper, fashion designer, music producer Pharrell’s work is managed by Heavy Rotation.There are such incredible degrees of music, frequency-wise, that I believe science will prove that we’ll be able to use exact musical notes to cure certain things.” It isn’t hard to see how Pharrell’s unreserved faith in the power of music has made him the man he is in 2014.

The album was certified as Silver in Britain and charted at #7 there. The album featured 16 singles making it longer than an hour.

Dixon's parents split up when Dixon was four and later Dixon's father moved away.

Her mother started living with her new partner and suffered domestic violence from her him.

Dixon has a sister Leyanne and 5 brothers Adrian, Mark, John, Callum and Jeroame.

Dixon went to Monk's Walk School in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

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